Chanchal Bharti

Gharana and Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan Gharan. She mastered the art of Qawwali Sufism under the guidance of Iqbal Afzal Sabri brother.
What emboldened her to becaome a woman qawwal was the mysticism that enveloped the tradition of Qawwali singing . The powerful lyrics coupled with a strong captivating melody transcend the singer the singers the singers and the powerful lyrics coupled with a strong captivating the singer and the listeners to a surreal world. It can be a sung as a eulogy to the Almighty or for a beloved. The shayari andaaz can pull both the young the old to a state of elation. Bharti has a nature gift that has helped the art of Qawwali retain its popularity even toda. Her live concerts are a testimony to this popularity.

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